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Books by Johnnies is a searchable listing of books and other written works by the people of St. John’s College: current and former students, alumni, and staff.

This site is free for everyone to use.

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If you’d like to help keep this site running, please consider buying an annual ad-free subscription for $25.00 USD. This will remove all ads from your author page for one year. (Please note that ad removal is not automated after purchase and will be done manually by the owner/developer of this website. Allow 24 hours for this to happen.)

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How does this site work?
If you’re looking for a particular work or author, or just want to browse the site, go to the sidebar (on mobile, scroll to the bottom) and use the Search box, or click on an author’s name. The ten most recent authors will be shown in the sidebar (this appears at the bottom on small screens), as will a random author. A complete list of registered authors is available on the All Authors page.

To get caught up on the latest publishing news from the St. John’s community, visit the Announcements page.

If you’re an author of any kind with a connection to St. John’s, and you want to add your publications to the database or issue an announcement about your writing-related news, please go to the How to Add a Book page and follow the instructions there. You can list any kind of publication you want: books, short stories, poems, articles, blog posts, scientific papers, contributed essays, and more. You can also announce recent or upcoming publications, media events, awards, workshops, and anything else related to your writing and publishing endeavours.

Who is eligible to have a publication listed?
Any alumnus or alumna, tutor, staff member, or current or past student of St. John’s College in Annapolis or Santa Fe is eligible to create an author profile page and list their publications or make announcements. Self-published authors are welcomed.

Must I have graduated in order to list my book here?
No. If you were a student at SJC for any length of time, you are welcome to list your publications(s) here, regardless of whether or not you graduated.

How many publications can I list?
You can list as many publications as you like.

Should I create a profile and list publications for another Johnny?
Ideally, you will only create a profile for yourself. However, in cases where Johnny authors may be unable to use the site, it’s acceptable to create a profile and add publications on their behalf.

How can I be notified when new authors are added or new announcements are made?
Once you create your profile, you will automatically receive email notifications every time a new author profile is posted. If you want to opt out of these emails, just reply with a request to be removed from the mailing list.

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Is this website affiliated with St. John’s College?
No. This site was built by William Kowalski (SF ’94) and has no official connection to the College.

How did you make this site?
This site is built on WordPress using the Astra theme and the totally awesome Advanced Custom Fields plugin.

How can I suggest changes or improvements, or request technical assistance?
Email the site owner at: williamkowalski [at] gmail dot com.

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