Rose Pelham Restarts Personal Blog, The Transgender Gadfly

Rose Pelham, A’20, is restarting her personal Substack newsletter and blog, The Transgender Gadfly, where she writes about her take on Trans theory through the lens of continental philosophy. Her posts, so far, have focused on a critique of cisnormativity and the ways in which it can be subverted. Subscribes will have access to upcoming articles including:  “An Essay on the Normativity of Forgetting,” to be published in parts on May 29th and  June 5th, and a revised and extended two-part edition of “Cisnormativity and the Trans Visibility Paradox” to be published on June 12th and 19th with the author’s commentary. Future articles will likely cover such topics the implications of the political philosophy of Hannah Arendt and the relationship of Gadamer’s Truth and Method to Queer theory, in addition to philosophical reflections on the nature of reading and writing.

Rose Pelham is a master’s student in philosophy at The New School For Social Research where she is also completing a certificate in gender studies. Her published work has appeared in the Gender and its Discontents Blog, The Georgia Voice, and The Gadfly.

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