New Edition of a Family Classic

Kristen Baumgardner Caven ’88 is excited to announce a new edition of The Winning Family, co-written with her mother, Community Psychologist Dr. Louise Hart.

The first edition of this book, subtitled, Building Self-Esteem in Your Children…and Yourself, was published in seven languages and broke ground for new conversations about building positive emotion in the family. Hart’s teachings on positive parenting contributed to the field of Positive Psychology, in which Caven received certification in 2016 after her own experience raising a son and raising a village, as a parent educator, activist and leader in Oakland, California.  This year’s anniversary edition (35 years!) is subtitled,  Where No One Has to Lose, taking on the national twist on the word “winning” that has dominated politics since then. The Winning Family teaches parents how to build character and connection, how to cultivate joy and justice, how to nurture dinner-table democracy.

Before the book’s publication date on August 31, the authors are inviting readers to engage through their Kickstarter campaign, “The Winning Family Rides Again.”

If you’re not familiar with Kickstarter, it’s a way to support a fundraiser (in this case for a  launch party that honors local public schools), pre-order products (books for parents and children) and get perks (video classes, a parenting library). Please watch our video, read the reviews, and consider backing this project today, or share with a new or struggling parent. This unique parenting guide invites parents to grow and heal from their own childhoods to help them pass on the best to their kids.

Title: The Winning Family: Where No One Has to Lose
Authors: Louise Hart & Kristen Caven
paperback ISBN: 9781647045470 / $16.95
ebook ISBN: 9781647045463 / $4.95

Available August 31 wherever books are sold.




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