A Warrior of Eden

Announcing the publication of my third science-fiction book, the YA novella A Warrior of Eden.

Fiercely independent teen Karoline wants to prove herself worthy to join Eden’s resistance, which her father led until his death fighting the evil Black Lord’s army. When her domineering stepfather, the resistance’s new leader, secretly meets with a captain of the enemy army, Karoline suspects treachery. Faced with a sinister plot that threatens not only her life and the captain’s, but also the future of all Eden, can she live up to her birthright?

Author G. S. Kenney (Ginger) writes romantic speculative fiction novels. Her first science-fiction romance novel Freeing Eden, published by Soul Mate Publishing, was a 2018 RWA Golden Heart® finalist. The Last Lord of Eden and A Warrior of Eden, also in the Ascent of Eden series, are now also available. You can learn more about Ginger’s books, travel, and photography on her website at www.gskenney.com.

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