Christopher  Strauss

Graduate student

Matriculated in 2009 in Santa Fe.

Author Profile

Christopher Strauss has two MAs from St. John’s. He studied the Western great books in Annapolis and the Eastern classics in Santa Fe. He has taught literature, philosophy, and more sections of English composition than he cares to admit at community colleges in Maryland and Colorado, and at the University of New Mexico. He lives in Santa Fe.

His father and co-author Robert Strauss is lead faculty at Regis University in Denver. He is also the owner of Global Perspectives Consulting and president of Worldview Resource Group—two non-profits that advise business leaders and organizations in cultural competence. He has delivered cultural sensitivity trainings for the US Department of Agriculture and the Little Rock Police Department. He lives in Highlands Ranch, Colorado.

List of Publications

  1. Four Overarching Patterns of Culture (2019)

Four Overarching Patterns of Culture (Book)

Year of publication: 2019

Publisher: Wipf & Stock

Genre: Intercultural Communication, Sociology

Description: This book is for anyone working across cultures—teachers, trainers, business leaders, communicators. It claims most cultures fall into four types—justice, honor, harmony, or reciprocity—and shows how people in these cultures tend to think, act, and communicate. Co-written with my father, Robert Strauss, the book blends firsthand accounts of international travels and trainings with academic theory drawn from sociology, intercultural studies, anthropology, and communication studies. By gaining cultural intelligence, we can recognize our own implicit cultural patterns. We can move from being ethnocentric to culturally sensitive.

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