Luis Fernando  Melgar

Undergraduate student

Matriculated in 2016 in Santa Fe.

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  1. The Hidden Rose (2020)

The Hidden Rose (Book)

Year of publication: 2020

Publisher: Self-published

Genre: Autobiographical reflections, poems, memoirs, and letters.

Description: When I was fourteen I knew I wanted to be a writer. Reading the phrase "forest, dark" in Longfellow's English translation of Dante's Commedia was enough for me to appreciate and acknowledge the powers of the poet. Ever since, I have tried to move past appreciation into an understanding and assimilation of these powers. I do this to ultimately, someday, wield them myself. I am still in the process of understanding, I am not yet a poet but neither am I the mere observer I once was. I am on the journey now, immersed in the pursuit of discovery and creation. What I am doing here, with what you are about to read, is simply sharing what I have come to develop so far. This is not a finished piece but a process. One day perhaps this will turn into something greater, more cohesive and whole. For now, I hope you will come to appreciate what I have to offer, even if it hasn't yet reached its fullest form.

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