Veronica Gventsadze

Graduate student

Matriculated in 1995 in Annapolis.

Veronica Gventsadze

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Veronica Gventsadze worked as a conference interpreter and a university professor of philosophy before training for her current profession of veterinarian. Her fiction is inspired by lessons learned from nature and by a childhood spent shuttling between Soviet Russia and the free world.


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List of Publications

  1. The Harvest of Her Life's Summer (2019)

The Harvest of Her Life's Summer (Book)

Year of publication: 2019

Publisher: Wild Thorn Publishing

Genre: Literary fiction; women's fiction

Description: Alexandra Baumann, a Russian immigrant in Canada, learns a painful secret her mother has kept for thirty years. Shortly before the family emigrated from the Soviet Union, Alexandra's father generated groundbreaking research that should have secured him fame and fortune but was appropriated by his boss. Alexandra’s single-minded drive to write Papa’s story threatens her prospects of romance and her relationship with Grace, her oldest friend. Now, Alexandra must bring down her guard if she wants happiness and the truth about what brought her family to the New World. Kirkus: "Its emphasis on relationships and psychology is closer to the work of Anton Chekhov than to standard clichés of spies and Slavic gangsters." "If the title From Russia, with Love wasn’t already taken, it would be apt for this bittersweet, thoughtful rumination on family ties and the Soviet motherland."

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